Monitor or Raised Center Aisle barns
Raised Center Aisle or Monitor horse barns feature attractive architectural lines, making this style the most popular among horse enthusiasts. The traditional look allows for maximum air circulation
throughout the structure even in the most diverse weather conditions. The vent between the roof lines creates a strong source for natural lighting. Our versatile design features a minimum 3:12 roof pitch with
a generous 12’ or 16’ wide breezeway or more. The style barn provides a weather protected healthy environment which can increase safety for your horses.  We can further enhance ventilation  in this style
barn with 16'-20' Macro Air Fans.  Ask us for more information on this option and how you can keep fresh air in your barn as well as cooler in summer, warmer in winter, drier stalls and control birds and flies.  
Gable Breezeway Post Frame Barns
Gable barn is attractive yet economical, with only one roofline. This conventional design provides all of the functionality of a breezeway configuration, while its solid wall construction goes beyond what
pole barn plans provide. The timeless beauty of the roofline also provides a cost-effective way to keep the barn warmer during the colder months of the year compared to other horse barn designs.  We
can further enhance ventilation  in this style barn with 16'-20' Macro Air Fans.  Ask us for more information on this option and how you can keep fresh air in your barn as well as cooler in summer,
warmer in winter, drier stalls and helps control birds and flies.  Macro Air Fans are economical to operate and much less than box fans.
Shed Row Barns
Shedrow barn provides the traditional gabled roofline with a generous protective overhang to the front of the structure. These barns are an excellent choice for areas with space limitations or in warmer
weather conditions. The overhang comes in a variety of sizes and is ideal for optimizing your work area. Various Shedrow barn configurations (such as "U" or "L" shapes) are available to meet your design
requirements and specifications.  
Custom Barns Our Specialty
Some equestrian facilities require unique designs for more complex needs that include structures with oversized stalls, multiple riding arenas and corral areas, clear span areas, round pens,
equipment/hay storage, office space, living quarters, RV covers, garages and much more. Our experienced professional team can make your requirements a reality.
Barn Options
Most or our building manufacturers have many years experience in designing and manufacturing stall systems that are not only safety oriented for the horse, but are made to complete the barn of
your dreams. We offer more stall system alternatives than any other barn manufacturer. From Miniature Horse stalls to European Designs, Powder Coated Stall fronts and understand the
differences of each stall type as they relate to structure, maintenance and aesthetics of horse barns in general. Swivel wall for tack rooms, and Lazy Joe door feeder are handy options for your barn
A cupola can be a great addition to your barn. It can not only provide a unique decorative finishing touch, but also can be designed to be functional by admitting light and providing ventilation.
We offer a variety of accessories to enhance the functionality, comfort and beauty of your structure. If you wish to add a saddle rack, stall mats or feeders & waterers, you will find unsurpassed
attention to detail in the design and manufacturing or each item.
Round Pens-
Whether you need a 12’ x 12’ corral with a shelter, a round pen for training, or a mare motel for a large equestrian facility, we can design, build, and install the perfect structure to meet your
requirements. We manufacture products with only premium quality materials and superior craftsmanship to provide you structures that will last a lifetime.
RV Garages, Arenas, Buildings
No matter if your need is for storage, a covered arena, or to house your boat or car, new pre-engineered buildings are designed to meet your specific need.  

As a horse owner or commercial riding facility facing inclement weather or zoning restrictions that limit riding time,
you may want to consider a covered or enclosed arena.

Storage barns, sheds, RV covers, and canopies should protect and preserve their contents.  We can design a building that will add to the appearance and
value of the property.

A pre-engineered building utilizes a wood frame.  These type buildings can incorporate a large variety of traditional building components to give it the look and
function appropriate for its environment. Our buildings are not only functional; they also install quickly, saving time and money because of their design and
prefabricated components.
Post frame barns custom options available
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