Large, Very Large Fans

1 .  8 ft - 24 ft diameter

2.  Tremendous cooling effect-reverse speed

3.  Engineer designed and certified industrial fans

4.  3 to 10 cents per hr to use

5.  Specifically designed for barns
and covered arenas
Fans help eliminate disease-carrying birds and insects from barns. When you think about it a fan makes perfect sense for your riding arena. Our
high volume, low speed fans create a massive-but gentle- current of air in all directions. So, facilities previously unusable during the hottest
times of the day/year are made more comfortable. In addition, the slow rotating blades won't spook the horses. Plus, fans cost just
pennies-per-hour to operate, which will rein in your electrical bills.
HVLS Fans by MacroAir
Reduces HVAC (Air Conditioning) Expenses by Up to 25%
Our high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans from MacroAir will reduce your industrial facility's heating and cooling expenses throughout the year. These
highly efficient fans can reduce 25% or more of your HVAC expenses by pulling air from the floor to the ceiling and distributing it all evenly throughout
your facility. HVLS Fans can even make your space feel 8-10°F cooler than actual temperature!

Compare to Big Ass Fans
We chose MacroAir because they're the original inventor of the HVLS fan and remain the market leader today. Big Ass Fans was actually MacroAir's first
distributor if that tells you anything about MacroAir's quality.
HVLS Fans: Comparing MacroAir Technologies and Big Ass Fans
If you are preparing for the upcoming dog days of summer, then it’s time to consider a high volume, low speed (HVLS) industrial ceiling fan. From the
start, the options can be overwhelming, especially when trying to decide which brand of fan is best for your business. To help you, we’re comparing a
few features of two of the top HVLS fan brands on the market, MacroAir Technologies® and Big Ass Fans®.

MacroAir Fans
MacroAir is located in San Bernardino, CA and is the company that coined the term and invented the category of HVLS ceiling fans. After releasing their
first ten blade fan design, MacroAir continued innovating and has firmly led the HVLS fans category by embracing new technologies and listening to
their customers along the way. In the years since their founding, MacroAir has continued to innovate the HVLS market, having been the first to
introduce their NASA-designed 6ixBlade™ technology.

Big Ass Fans is located in Lexington, KY and was MacroAir’s first distributor. Since then, Big Ass Fans has carved out their own place in the industry
and developed an assortment of HVLS fans with features similar to MacroAir’s models. Today, many of their products continue to utilize technology
similar to the original MacroAir designs and technologies of the past.
It’s hard to know what to look for and what the differences are. There are some key technical differences between these two brands that you should be
aware of before making any purchasing decisions.

See How They Compare
In 2012, MacroAir decided to put their product to the test in the heat of summer by doing a head-to-head comparison between a 24ft 6ixBlade™
MacroAir AirSpan HVLS fan and a 24ft, 10 blade Big Ass Fans Powerfoil® X2.0. It’s safe to say that MacroAir was the clear leader, but don’t just take our
word for it. Listen to the numbers.
With only six blades as opposed to ten, a fan like the AirSpan weighs 12% less than the Powerfoil X2.0 at 236lbs. A lighter fan and fewer blades means
less stress on the motor and other parts of the fan leading to a longer life for the product.
In addition to these crucial performance features, MacroAir continues to innovate the products. MacroAir has managed to drive out much of the bulk
and weight of their older models.
The Best Industrial Ceiling Fan
MacroAir HVLS fans from Arizona Barn and Fence Pros move enough air through continuous circulation to serve nearly any industrial facility, keeping it
cool, comfortable and cost-effective year-round. From design to construction MacroAir fans are built to perform at the highest level in the market, and
for easy installation, warranty, compliance and certification no other fan on the market will meet your needs like MacroAir.
Pre-engineered barns w/custom options available, Stay Tuff fixed knot fence, Powder
coated steel plank fencing and Macro Air Fans for gearless, weatherproof fans for
ventilation and cooling barns, buildings and arenas
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